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Luke Robert Manson #FutureFest18

Luke Robert Manson #FutureFest18
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Luke Robert Manson #FutureFest18

Luke Robert Manson Virtual Futures

In this episode we speak with Luke Robert Manson Virtual Futures reviver. The Virtual Future Conference is a mid

1990’s cyber culture conference. Luke Robert Manson attended the University of Warwick where he first discovered

the conference as an undergraduate student. He discusses with us his thesis work at University of Warwick.

Also Luke gives us a bit of background history about the conference and how they brought it back to life with

discussion of key figures in the cyberpunk movement for which the conference was founded. We go on to talks about

the science fiction aspect of Virtual Futures and the prime members of cyber virtual reality and cybersex with earlier

virtual reality.

In the episode, talks about the importance of relationship with robotics and humanity are briefly highlighted and

Luke discusses the Lights of Soho. He also talks about his experience in Brooklyn, NY with new people in startups.

Also we talk about the engineering of Virtual Futures and how it runs as a conference and how people have grow

from the networking of the conference. Lastly, we talk about how he plans to keep the conference ongoing into the


Links discussed in the show:

Virtual Future
Luke Robert Mason LinkedIn
Future Fest

What Is The Barcelona en Beta Documentary? With Albert Cañigueral

What Is The Barcelona en Beta Documentary? With Albert Cañigueral

In this upbeat episode of What Is The Barcelona en Beta Documentary? With Albert Cañigueral Bernie discusses

with guest Albert Canigueral the “Barcelona en Beta Documentary.” Most of all, it delves in topic talk about the

digital transformation of society based around artificial intelligence, digital platforms, machine learning and the

automation of work. Especially relevant, the discussion informs about the project put into place to change the effects

on digital society. However, the different attitudes of society and thought processes in society with social change and

moving forward.

Albert Canigueral is a connector at Ouishare who’s vision and goals for the project are to design city that can change

and become more prosperous future through digital platforms ad ultimately with change in Spain and Latin

America. Also, this episode will further discuss the description of the Barcelona en Beta project, it’s various main

features along with it’s strengths and differences.

Focus on the project Barcelona en Beta Documentary

The project is currently crowdfunding so you can donate. The project is about current issues that are going on in

Barcelona. Barcelona is the example city for the project as it is an issue across the globe. First of all, the initiative that

Albert  discusses for the project is that they will go to visit citizens. Also, people who already live in the future with

modern digital platforms which are thriving in in society. Especially relevant, digital pioneers of the modern world:

they will use  digital platforms. Digital platforms will help teach those that are behind in the digital age. Most

noteworthy, teaching how to earn money, enable others with knowledge, open their administration to citizens with

almost, most open source platform.

In conclusion, people are enabled to manufacture their own objects and create their own types of currency.

The episode takes an exploration of the various accidents that are created from these modern digital ways of living.

Therefore, some digital platforms created unfair competition in many markets, provided labor instability, different

conflicts, unequal rights as consumers, workers and in society and unclear tax payments. They talk about many

different platforms, especially, Etsy and the balance. Most of all, discussions of the distribution of digital platforms

along with Upwork and more. For more information on the project got to the links below. Please subscribe to

Pledge to the Barcelona en Beta Crowdfunder here

Why Do Sharetribe Love Steward-Ownership So Much?

Why Do ShareTribe Love Steward-Ownership So Much?

A glimpse into the Share Economy Platform with Juho

In this episode, we spoke with our friend Juho just before he became an equity crowdfunded millionaire! Why Do

ShareTribe Love Steward-Ownership So Much? We,ll we will discuss the many issues and ways people in the share

economy platform can build their businesses. Juho who is from Finland and runs the company ShareTribe.  He will

give us an overall look at the way the share economy system affects people in all aspects. Also, potential ways in

which the share economy model can work for everyone. While there are many ways in which this peer to peer

marketplace can advance, there’s ways in which it can advance so that no one is struggling when they are trying to


ShareTribes fight is to get the share economy platform to share the market place for free without technology. This is

an attempt to make the market place accessible for everyone to thrive. For practical implications of these platforms

what does this change have? Let’s take a concrete example. Juho’s analysis of the market situation of online

marketplace technology is what helped him to base his decision to try and fix on the upsides and downsides of share

economy. Also, ShareTribe Steward-Ownership comes to the conclusion that if companies mainly focuses its efforts

solely on building a high priced company. And with this come major gains from proprietary marketplace share

economy platform technology. Visit


In this post on P2P, Foundation Juho goes into deeper detail about the model.

How Free Are You As A Freelancer? With Michel Bauwens

How Free Are You As A Freelancer? With Michel Bauwens

Michel Bauwens different aspects of being a freelancer

How Free You As A Freelancer? with Michel Bauwens we talk about the future of work and the autonomous

worker. Michel who is founder at the P2P Foundation as well as advisor at SMart gives insight into being an

freelancer. We further discuss the issues of whether or not people are as free as they believe they are when becoming

a freelancer.  However, it discusses the politics of freelancing. With anything there’s a good side and downside but

Michel helps us to understand the aspects of working as a freelancer. The issues are dealing with being seen as a

capitalist and not having to the ability to be as free as you want in the freelance industry.

The seemingly bad side about it is that people are seemingly a slave to the industry and highly underpaid for their

work. Also, the issue is global and only a small minority lives better as a freelancer then most people who become a

freelancer. We also talk about the different areas of freelancing and how the way people are paid across many

platforms like, journalism and how income is generated as a freelancer. Furthermore, trying to find social protection

as a freelance worker is discussed.

Freelancer in the field have to create themselves networks and build peer to peer  systems to become more

successful. Freelancers are struggling at what they do in many aspects, especially with  subordination. As a freelancer

you’re your own entrepreneur. The focus of this discussion is to teach people how to  enable themselves to do better

in the freelancer field and know when it is right for them and when to get out when it  doesn’t work for them. Being

an autonomous worker can provide people the opportunity to be their own boss but as attractive as it may seem, it

can have negative affects. In addition, these negative affects are if you don’t know how to apply yourself in the


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European Freelancers Week October 2018

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Brianna Wettlaufer & Nuno Silva on Stocksy United and our podcast with them at Open Coop 2017

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Polly’s Outlandish Ouishare London Event Diary

What Makes Coworking Bansko So Cool?

What Makes Coworking Bansko So Cool?

Q. What Makes Coworking Bansko So Cool?

A. It’s in a ski resort!

Matthais explains how he started Coworking Bansko

In this episode, we talk to nomad legend Matthias E Zeitler, co-founder of Bansko. Matthias who has been running a

startup  for many years talks about how he transitioned into the Bansko co-working business. Bansko is a cool ski-

resort where they have living co-working spaces for people who are freelancers and seek a since of community where

they can build their businesses as well.

Matthias explains how he got started and how he’s worked in many different locations around the world be settling

on Bansko. When Matthias thought of the idea he was still a member in a co-working space in Salzburg and saw an

idea something similar to where he drew inspiration to build Bansko. He also explains his attraction to Bulgaria and

the mountainous region and why he wanted to settle Coworking Bansko in the Bulgarian mountains.

The goal for Bansko as Matthais explains is to build a coworking space on a rural mountain top resort where next

generation digital nomads will be impacted and want to return to it. Also to have a community where people can

enjoy the atmosphere and help each other build businesses. The interview goes on to discuss the different ways in

which a mixed freelance community runs and can be beneficial to those who work in freelance and more.

At the time of recording Bansko we gearing up for the first of what we home will be many Freelancer Weekends –

check it out here

Follow Coworking Bansko on Medium here

Introduction To The Coworking Canvas By The Coworking Accelerator Team

Introduction To The Coworking Canvas By The Coworking Accelerator Team

Coworking Canvas in explanation:

In this episode we are speaking with Sam, David and Claire at the 8th Coworking  Conference. They discuss

the critical elements that they think are beneficial to getting good quality coworking in any suitable environment.

More over, Further discussed are the underpinned values of Coworking Canvas and how spaces are going to help

develop people. They talk about coworking spaces bringing nurturing elements to people as freelancers, businesses

and the coworking community to bring growth within the community.

Also, it brings a sense of identity to those who find it difficult to find their identity elsewhere. They also share the

opinions on how to best service the community in co-working in the space tailoring it to members needs. Also,

discussed are the functionality of a coworking space mix use of space with businesses, freelancers, non-profits. The

Coworking platform is to help people network with coworking spaces, grow the network and get to a wider

community from within the immediate community. Discussed are upcoming coworking events to be found on their

website and more.

The Coworking Accelerator

Download The Coworking Canvas Here



Introduction To The Coworking Canvas By The Coworking Accelerator Team

How To Be An Really Outlandish Tech Coop!

How To Be An Really Outlandish Tech Coop!

What does that mean? Outlandish is a London based tech agency that operates as a worker-owned coop.

In this episode we speak with Abbey, Mateus and Polly members of Outlandish which is a digital agency company

that helps people with tech tools and website building. They give an explanation as to what Outlandish is all about.

Also in the episode we discuss School Cuts. School Cuts is where people can find out about and fight school cuts in

their area. People can search box allowing people to search by school or postcode to find out exactly how much the

schools near them were likely to lose in funding.

There’s mention of Space4, CoTech which you can find their information in the links below to learn more about

them. In the you will learn more about them working with other Tech Coops and how they build networking skills

through Coop projects, especially with other companies. Also discussed are hosted projects dealing with digital

activism, the tech civic society and radical mapping, which is further explained in the episode. For more information

on Outlandish projects follow the links and twitter handles below. Subscribe to Ouishareradio.

They make decisions collectively using  Cobudget and Loomio.

Find out how in this post here.

Find out more about Cobudget by reading Francesca’s posts here.

Be sure to check out the School Cuts Website




So What Is The Future Of Work? With Neil Usher

“BNW 37 So What Is The Future Of Work? With Neil Usher”

Freelance Heroes Day 2018 With Ed Goodman

Freelance Heroes Day 2018 with Ed Gordon

In this episode, we discuss Freelance Heroes Day 2018.  Bernie and Trevor interviews Ed Gordon in Cambridge.

What is Freelance Heroes Day 2018?

Ed Gordon explains it as a social media event but, it will be the first physical get together. Wolverhampton, England is the location of choice for the event that’s chosen as the second choice from a survey.

Ed Gordon is the co-founder of Freelance Heroes Group and Freelance Heroes Day. Ed is a freelance social media trainer, he runs a co-working space in Cambridge and he a coach for a kids football team.

Freelance Heroes Day 2018 event was to attract people widely from outside of the London area.

Ed also discusses in the interview some of the major topics which were discussed at the event. Aptly, topics surrounding issues with Freelancers. Former stand up comedian John Torres and  video blogger Steve Foland were at Freelance Heroes Day. Also discussed are the process to get tickets for the event and how to reach out to get the tickets.

Links in the show:

Freelance Heroes Facebook

Freelance Heroes LinkedIn

Book your seat for Freelancer Heroes Day 2018 here