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OuiShare Radio exists so that interesting, insightful and inspiring audio content can be created, shared and enjoyed easily.

Whether it’s somebody’s story, shared observations, deep motivations, or intriguing discussions around values and practical implementations; OuiShare Radio provides the hosting and distribution platform to help these ideas be heard.

In order for us to stay focussed on finding and sharing this valuable content, we needed a technology partner who not only understood our goals, but was on a mission that resonated with our own beliefs.

We found that, and more, in

The included team believe that sustainable entrepreneurship will increasingly and positively change millions of lives over the next 50 years. Their platform was built from the ground up to enable the sharing of buying-power, knowledge, insights and opportunities across 100s of entrepreneurial communities worldwide.

Their unique business model and long-term approach to supporting entrepreneurship enables them to not only provide their own platform for free to both members and operators of entrepreneurial communities, but also be able to push revenue back into local ecosystems in order to improve their core sustainability.

The team will provide some highly appreciated tech expertise, implementation and strategic guidance to the OuiShare Radio team, so as to allow us to focus on content and not on the constantly-changing intricacies of what exactly a button, a widget or a plugin is, or how they differ.