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Hosted ByTrevor Twining

Trevor Twining teaches new and struggling freelancers to run a successful freelance practice.

Freelance Foundations is a podcast full of freelancing help. Host Trevor Twining teaches new freelancers to run a successful freelance practice.

We talk about every freelance problem you might have

Freelancing is hard. There’s always something for freelancers to learn in the freelance economy. Whether it’s how to set your rate, sell a client, keep that client happy or keep all the balls in the air, Twining’s twenty years’ experience helps listeners build better practices. New and struggling freelancers who listen to the show will earn more. The show features interviews, how-to conversations, and  segments to highlight the ins and outs of practice development. If you’re a freelancer, and want to earn more in your practice, then this is a show you should listen to.

About the host

Trevor Twining is a freelance podcast producer and web developer. He’s also the founder of Cowork Niagara, one of Canada’s first co-operative coworking spaces. With 20 years of freelancing experience, Trevor learned about freelancing the hard way. Because of that, he mentors and coaches new freelancers so that they don’t have to worry about money like he did. He co-hosts Brave New Work with Bernie Mitchell and OuiShare Radio WriteClub with Bernie and Cat Johnson. Trevor lives in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada with his wife Heather. His three kids, Daniel, Erin and Nathan keep him sane when all else fails.

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